...Off The Leash!

Hello Dawg Fans,

Two gigs within a week? For a lot of bands, that's a slow week.  For us, that's darn near a world tour!

Your Dawgs performed a very rare mid-week gig this past Thursday (4/28) at the newly opened Vincent's On The Lake.  I

It's always exciting to go into a new venue, and at the same time we always wonder "what are gonna be the gotcha's". Other than a few steps down to the stage area and figuring out how to interface with the house sound system, set up was pretty routine. We were up and sound checked by 5:00, which gave us time to have a meal together and chill a bit before the show.

Dinner, by the way, was a life changing bacon cheeseburger for 3/4ths of us, and a black bean burger for our vegetarian. Add in a ton of fries, and it was a great dinner.

It's a tradition that the first song of the evening at a new venue is Bo Diddley's "Before You 'Cuse" (made famous by Eric Clapton).  At first, the folks there weren't quite sure what to make of us.  But by the 3rd song everyone figured that we were there to have a good time and they were invited along.

We made a lot of new friends that night. Thank you so much for hanging with us. Also, props a very talented individual by the name of Michael Samuels for warming up the crowd with a great happy hour set.

We also have to thank the management and staff of Vincent's On The Lake for being such gracious and professional hosts, and to Black Hole Talent for taking us on and booking the show for. We're looking forward to working with you more in the future.

Next up...we have a private party in May we're doing for some great friends and longtime supporters.  Our next public show is Friday, June 24th at Hardtails Bar & Grill in Georgetown.  Always a good time there, and by then we're sure to have worked up some new tunes for you.  Hope you can make it.  See our gigs page for details. 

Thanks for another great night!

Dana, Ken, Dan & Paul


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Dana Vandiver- Guitars, vocals, Vibraslap, set-lists, final QC.
Ken Carver- Guitars, vocals, bass, production logistics, mad scientist.
Dan Simms - Drums, percussion, vocals, thermal management
Paul Turney - Bass, keyboards, vocals, creative facial hair

Last updated April 29th, 2022