...Off The Leash!

Hey Dawg Fans,

We missed our opening date this year at Hardtails in January, but apparently we more than made up for it at our 3/2/18 appearance.

We have as saying that if stuff goes wrong during setup/sound check...it's going to be a good night.  When Paul turned on his bass amp and fireworks resulted, we knew we were on to something.  Fortunately, the venue is close to Ken's house (and of course he has a bass amp or 3 laying around), so we marched on.  And yes, it was a very good night indeed.  Lots of new folks who had never seen up before, and of course our longtime friends and family were in the mix.

We brought back Ringo Starr's It Don't Come Easy, which we hadn't performed in a couple of years.  And the surprise of the night was our debut of Judas Priest's (yeah, you read that right) Heading Out To The Highway from their "Point Of Entry" album.  Ken and Dana pulled off a convincing Prient dual lead complete with cheesy 80's MTV choreography. We'll keep that one in the mix for a while.

We'll be going back into rehearsal soon to get ready for our next show on Friday, April 13th at The Roadhouse. 

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Dana Vandiver- Guitars, vocals, arrangements, set-lists, final QC.
Ken Carver- Guitars, vocals, production logistics, website, mad scientist.
Dan Simms - Drums, percussion, rhythmic analysis, thermal management
Paul Turney - Bass, vocals, creative facial hair

Last updated March 3rd, 2018