...Off The Leash!

Hey Dawg Fans,

Another great night at Hardtails Bar & Grill.  Let's do a quick re-cap.

The weather was really iffy this past weekend with storms popping up all around us.  When you're playing a venue where the main mode of transportation for the patrons is two wheels...that can be an issue.  Thankfully, the weather cooperated (except for the humidity...bad hair nights for some of the band members).  Folks came, hung out, had a good time, and got their Dawg rock-n-roll fix. 

Lots of our old friends, and we made some new ones...great people in from Ft. Worth for a wedding that stopped in for a drink about 9:00 and closed the place down with us!  Our kind of people!

We took our newest songs our for a spin again...and had a request for Green Eyed Lady that we were very happy to do.  That's probably the most challenging song we do...depending on whether the shots come up before or after that song:). 

We also had a surprise guest vocalist.  One of the staff, a young lady that goes by the name of Gnarly, met us when we started loading in that afternoon and made sure we had water, food, whatever we needed.  Ken noticed that she had a tattoo on her shoulder that was a combination of a treble and bass clef and some notes, so he asked her if she played.  Turns out that Gnarly is a singer...and a darned fine one at that.  After hearing her treatment of "Highway To Hell" we're  not sure if Ken will ever sing it again now.  But you can bet that anytime we're back at Hardtails and Gnarly is there...she'll be singing it.  Good stuff.

We don't say this often enough, but if you kind folks in the audience didn't come out and support us and the venues we play...well, we would just be hold up in a garage some place where our only audience would be the irrate neighbors and law enforcement.  Thanks for enabling us to keep doing what we're doing.

Next up...it's back to Shenanigans in Austin on Friday, June 9th. The last time we were there, a very large time was had by all.  This time...well, it's the week of Ken's birthday...so there's sure to be additional shenanigans at Shenanigans.  See you there.


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Dana Vandiver- Guitars, vocals, arrangements, set-lists, final QC.
Ken Carver- Guitars, vocals, production logistics, website, mad scientist.
Dan Simms - Drums, percussion, rhythmic analysis, thermal management
Paul Turney - Bass, vocals

Last updated May 21st, 2017