...Off The Leash!

Hey Dawg Fans,

After being off the month of May (not exactly planned that way), it was good to get back out and convert some electricity into rock-n-roll.

We set up shop at Hardtails in Georgetown this past weekend.  A couple of gremlins decided to make their presence known during setup, but nothing that couldn't be fixed the duct tape!

The band debuted their version of "Almost Saturday Night".  It was originally written and performed by John Fogerty (CCR), but has also been covered by Dave Edmunds (Rockpile) and Dan Baird (formerly of The Georgia Satellites).  The Dawgs put their own stamp on it...and judging from the crowd reaction it's going to stay in rotation for a while.

The highlight of the night...we celebrated Ken's birthday (albeit a few days early).  His wife Barb presented him with a cake bearing the phrase that he always says to people celebrating their birthdays at a club with The Dawgs..."You can sing your own song!"  Fortunately the band and patrons decided give him a pass...especially when they saw the cake with the actual number of candles.  How many?  Let's just say that Barb had to get a burn permit from Williamson County to do that.

As usual, we thank the staff and management at Hardtails for letting us continue to practice our craft there.  We'll be back in September.

Next up, we're going to take the big show to the big stage at Shenanigans Night Club in Austin on Friday, July 20th.  That's a late show (9:45 start), so plan accordingly.  See the gigs page for details.

Frequently we're asked why we don't play certain clubs that we would seem to fit into.  Basically, it's not because we haven't tried.  If there's a venue that you like to go to, and would like to see The Rhythm Dawgs there, the best thing you can do is call the venue and tell them!  A lot of these managers receive dozens of requests to play from bands every week.  After a while, it's just noise to them.  But, as a patron your voice carries much more weight than ours.

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Dana Vandiver- Guitars, vocals, arrangements, set-lists, final QC.
Ken Carver- Guitars, vocals, production logistics, website, mad scientist.
Dan Simms - Drums, percussion, rhythmic analysis, thermal management
Paul Turney - Bass, vocals, creative facial hair

Last updated June 4th, 2018