...Off The Leash!

Hey Dawg Fans,

Another hot summer show in the books!  Let's recap.

We made our annual visit to Shenanigans Nightclub.  We look forward to playing here because we get to be on an actual stage, there's room for everything, and the staff there is really cool.

We usually have to exorcise a gremlin or two from the production during setup, but not this time.  No, the gremlins decided to visit us during the show.  But being the professionals we are...we pressed on and turned in what we considered a really good show.

Paul showed off his keyboard talents again on tunes such as Bad Company, Get Back, and Ramblin' Gamblin' Man.  We also brought back a couple of tunes that haven't been played in a while...Hold On Loosely, and Crazy Mama (which wound up being a first set groove monster).

The coolest part of the night...getting to see some old friends and past co-workers that we haven't seen in ages.  'Cause for us...this band is as much a social thing as it is a musical thing.  We got together o' so many years to ago play music that we like for friends that we like.  It's nice to still be able to do that.

We'll be posting video and photos on our Facebook page and YouTube channel soon. 

Next up, we're heading north to Georgetown to set up shop at Hardtails Bar & Grill on Saturday, August 17thSee our Gigs Page for details.

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Dana Vandiver- Guitars, vocals, Vibraslap, set-lists, final QC.
Ken Carver- Guitars, vocals, bass, production logistics, website, mad scientist.
Dan Simms - Drums, percussion, rhythmic analysis, thermal management
Paul Turney - Bass, keyboards, vocals, creative facial hair

Last updated July 13th, 2019